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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Female desire "week," part XXX or something

(parking this here more permanently)

so, yeah, continuing...

This one is (very) roughly themed around "funny is HAWT," at least to start with. (theatre, performance, gender'll see).

First off, Marga Gomez:

Dawn French:

Margaret Cho:

Eddie Izzard (yeah, i'm probably about a Kinsey 4-5, with non-standard deviations)

not a comedian, but still on pretty performers: some stills of Cillian Murphy in "Breakfast on Pluto:"

BoP costar Ruth Negga ain't bad either:

Back to standup, this time more performance art division: Staceyann Chin:

and finally, someone whose work i -haven't- yet seen, (unfortunately, it sounded really good) (via Feministing, looks like i just missed one of her performances at Nuyorican Poet's Cafe), but I'm including her anyway because I think she's rawther attrectif: Helena D. Lewis.

Why yes, I do take requests

(parking this here more permanently)

petitpoussin of Truly Outrageous has asked for more Diana Rigg, please.

Your wish is my command.

A little Julie Newmar too, as long as we're on the general subject:

While searching, i found a pic of this "sixties actress" without a name. (dropped the link alas) Does anyone know who this is?

Meanwhile, from a completely different era, but as long as we're on "old tyme beauty" anyway: Lupe Velez.