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Monday, February 26, 2007

Pop! Bam! Poooooooooowww!!!

(just parking this one over here for more permanent display)

This website: Dan-O-Rama productions.

I wanted to post direct links to my favorite bits, with images, but i can't seem to do that, somehow. So instead, an invitation to go there and look around, with a few recommendations:

make sure you mouse over "hits" before clicking "enter."

Go to the Club Room: my personal favorites are Joan Crawford megamix, Blue Moon/Anne Heche, and "I'd rather be burned as a witch."

and i confess that his Ann-Margret homages have me absolutely smitten. They don't make 'em like that anymore...

you kind of really need to see the moving image for the full effect, though

aged well, too, i think.

she kind of -is- the sixties, though, you know? Besides everything else. Pop! Bam! Poooooowwww!!!

I really love the sheer vitality. Besides everything else.

and you know what else i really love about the Dan-O-Rama site? -There's- someone who truly raised obsession to an art form. And it paid off.

anyway, check it out: fun times.

Eye candy

(Just parking this one over here for more permanent display)

Inspired by Renegade's gorgeous tribute(s)

(thank you!)

as well as by a comment by Cassandra Says at the end of this post

First of all, the baby Diana Rigg from "Tipping the Velvet," aka Rachel Stirling: (on the right)

Then I started thinking about pretty let's say genderfuck candy from some other movies.

Here's a still from an obscure movie called Journey to Kafiristan:

Another movie I'm awfully fond of, Stage Beauty, with Billy Crudup as the last of the male "actresses" and Clare Danes as the first woman to take the stage, during the Restoration:

To wrap up, a bit more Rachel Stirling:

and, what the hell, some Diana herself: